All you need to know about the Ties in Dubai

It is quite challenging to plan a winter wedding but even more complex than the planning part is thinking about what to wear to the wedding in winter. You may be wondering what to wear a Black tie? Red tie? Air tie or go without socks. Above all, you need to be assured of one thing that you don't need to stress because we have got your back by covering the list of must-haves in winter weddings. 

• If you are the groom, then one thing goes without saying that you need to be the best dressed. Above all, you shouldn't follow all the advice given out there as you are not The X Factor, and your photos stand to age poorly. Depending on the level of formality you are comfortable with, you should choose a two or three level suit. It can be either black or blue, but one thing you must know that it should not be double-breasted or patterned. Lastly, you can choose something classy, including black high shine shoes, white shirt, and add some glam to choose subtle stripe or polka dot ties in dubai

• If you are a top table guest, then you need to know one thing that you are golden in their eyes, provided the bride and groom are your best mates. You can show some love and respect to them by wearing a navy blue suit with a lighter tie and pocket square. All you need to do is ensure that you don't match the groom himself.

• If you are a daytime guest, then you are going to have some hard time dressing up and sometimes even challenging than the bride. It is mainly because you have to go formal but not too traditional, and also you don’t have any strict restrictions on colors as such. You can make your life easier by wearing a suit in navy, grey, or taupe. Additionally, you can also add some check, pinstripe, or a double-breasted silhouette. When it comes to footwear, you can surely not go wrong with brown shoes as per experts that offer bespoke mens shirts.


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